Inventions from Wolfhart in Videos

Wolfhart Willimczik

Physicist & Inventor


The rigid vane displacement principle

Video 1

The working principle is here recognizable. Rigid wings rotate in a groove - sealing parts rotate slanted to it. The forces are transferred only by rigid components to the liquid.

Video 2

Here I show the three rigid wing displacement principle as a water pump.

Video 3

Test of my rotary piston machine as oil-free compressor.

Video 4

Pump for a new cooling process.

Video 5

The problem was here pumping a gas-fluid mixture. The large recesses in the co-rotating sealing parts work here as co-rotating air chambers.

Video 6

The forerunner to the rigid vane displacement principle was a principle with a force-actuated axial rotating vane, which rotates and slides on a plane.

Video 7

Here a pneumatic motor runs according to this oil-free principle.

The secret, why this works still with 20000 U/min oil-free, is because of the extremely small tracking (touching) forces.


My ball piston engine

Video 1

The forerunner to the rotary-piston engine was the wobble piston motor.
(The partition wall is here removed.) In the version as rotary-piston engine pistons and cylinders rotate around their center of gravity. The here visible wobble movement exist only in the body-fixed, co-rotating reference system. (To each angled machine gives it a wobble piston and a turning piston version, ever after which part is moving and which not.

Video 2

Here one can see the asymmetrical control diagram, what makes this two stroke engine pollution free like four stroke engine.



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