clear water hydraulic motor and oil-free high pressure pump

Wolfhart Industries

The simplest but most powerful piston actuating mechanism ever created.


Introducing the first bearing-less rotary piston design

for pumps, compressors, W-H-motors with new work processes.

US-Patent 6152014

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The cylinders are half cut off.............................................View in the co-rotating system

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Clear water hydraulic at 1000psi                                     Video    


First real clear water hydraulic motor and first high pressure water pump

with the bearing-less and oil-free Wolfhart Principle

6 GPM at 1000psi and 3600rpm (max 5000rpm, 2000psi)


No bearings any more for the piston forces
Greatly reduced friction and wear even at high pressure and high volumes
Total oil-free operation - including the piston actuating mechanism
High efficiency
A one stroke working process only
A six cylinder axial rotary piston design
No inertia forces only balanced rotating parts
The water has never to stop and reverse the flow direction as in a normal piston pumps
Completely hydraulic balance of all sliding parts
Anti blocking device
Anti seizing device for the pistons
Dry running
Self priming
Long lasting
No valves
Typical pump application for this model: 6 GPM at 1000psi and 3600rpm (max 5000rpm, 2000psi)
Adjustable volume (optional)



The second generation with a ceramic rotor for extreme long life times

tests results of this Wolfhart pump   - more details of this rotary piston design

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