The Wolfhart Pump the world's most advanced pump concept




6 cylinder axial piston principle without burdensome piston forces

the pistons work only a half of every revolution

there is an 5 fixed or changeable inclination angle

working pressure: 1000 PSI

with a 1 ccm cylinder volume the clear water pump/hydraulic motor has 6 ccm

volume 1 GPM to 10 GPM depending on speed and inclination angle

range of speed: 500 rpm to 5000 rpm

fluids: clean water or similar fluids

As pump you get about 5 GPM at 1000 PSI and 3600rpm

As motor you get about 4 hp at 4000 rpm and 1000 PSI


Shaft OD 0.873" ; Length outside 2.97"

Motor/Pump OD  4.5" ; total length with shaft 13"

6 studs with a circle diameter of  3.9

low pressure port: 1/2" x 14 NPT" and/or other fittings

high pressure port: male quick connector 3/8 NPTF

weight: 8.5 Kg or 19 pounds